Gather thousands of expectations from all walks of life, JORUNNS industry home decoration new material aesthetic journey, the perfect end!

Perfect Ending of Jorunns’ 135th Canton Fair Journey

During the 135th Canton Fair in 2024,Jorunns’ booth in home decor area flow is very high,over 1000times.We became one of the most popular creative home decor company among others.

As an expert in the new materials category of home decoration, Jorunns offers innovative solutions for home and commercial spaces to meet the needs of customers.We committed to providing creative home decoration concepts, implementation solutions and supporting products for people who pursue a new creative lifestyle. Jorunns has created many popular items, leading the industry to compete for creation and development. At this Canton Fair, Jorunns brought 2024 new product series and multi-scene applications to Guangzhou, showing the texture, performance and value of products one by one, creating an immersive aesthetic visual experience.

The inspiration of Jorunns’ design has never stopped flowing.The exchange and integration of aesthetics and life culture are extremely reflected in the Jorunns booth.Jorunns will always adhere to the modern design aesthetics and integration of product performance to bring users both the highest quality and international aesthetic design products.


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